Thursday, October 27, 2016

Big Data Hadoop Certification: Is It Worth It?

Data Analytics, as a career has seen a lot of increasing demand, in the recent years of the IT driven world. This can be broadly referred to as the principle method used in the industry of Data Science. With its inception, about a few years ago, this industry has been making ripples in the virtual world. This field received a lot of takers, in term of companies wanting to hire trained professionals, as well as candidates looking to explore this, as a career option. Data Analytics has been taking huge strides in the online marketing industry, with the whole concept of predictive analysis; this enables companies and firms to implement strategies that will provide guaranteed success and growth.
Data Analysts or Data Scientists are those people, who are adept at performing magic with numbers. They are specialized individuals, who make use of certain tools to convert the data, into value based decisions and strategies. The various programming tools in this field are R Programming, SAS Programming, and Big Data Hadoop and so on. There are quite a lot of esteemed institutes that provide certification training programs, which equip one with the perfect kind of skill set, which is the most sought after in the field of Data Science. Both in India and Abroad, there are a considerable number of courses to choose from, when it comes to Big Data Hadoop. The great variety of courses offered, makes one wonder if pursuing a certification course in Big Data Hadoop, would really be worth it.

The USP of this tool lies in the fact that Hadoop, is one software which is extremely easy to use. Being based on Java, the programming tool is easy to use for a novice, as well as a seasoned professional in the IT field. What makes it a favourite among data science professionals apart from its ability to be user friendly, is the efficiency that it displays while accomplishing tasks and is far from bulky. Hadoop primarily is a data processing tool, which follows a distinctive storage pattern, by mapping places where the data is stored in huge clusters. It is quick to recover and manage petabytes of data in easy, hassle free manner. Another proverbial feather in its cap, is its ability to store data on multiple nodes, thus ensuring there are slim chances of losing data.

Managing great amount of unstructured data, comes with a great amount of cost. This surprisingly is not the case with Hadoop, specialization in this tool will be cost effective, especially when it playing with great, big datasheets. Apart from being a highly scalable platform, it is also flexible enough to let you access data sources of structured as well as unstructured data. Hadoop gets full points on maintaining the value of data. All of these abilities do set it a class apart from the other data analytics tools present in the market. Thus pursuing certification in Hadoop becomes all the more rewarding. There are institutes like ImarticusLeaning which stand true to this fact. Their program of Certification of Big Data and Hadoop, equips you with hands on experience and all the industry relevant concepts, through their experienced instructors. On completion of their program, you also get to avail their career guidance and be job-ready. 

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