What Is Artificial Intelligence All About?

Artificial Intelligence could very well be included in the list of most discussed things, of the year 2016. But apart from the movie and some futuristic T.V shows; do we really know anything about the technicalities of this term? Regardless of you belonging to the field of I.T or not, you must have come across this term numerous times, especially in the newspapers in the context of all kinds of digital advancements.

While few of us do know that this term is connected to the field of Data Science, there are slim chances of us knowing how. Let’s go ahead ans dispel the ideas of the Terminator movie coming true, from all of your minds. We’d be discussing the field of AI, as it is popularly known as well as, its various applications. So now what does AI really mean? Put in simple words, Artificial Intelligence is basically, the ability of any computer device, to display intelligence.

 This intelligence can be anything from trying to imitate human intelligence or finding solutions to real world problems. The first connection to this field happened in around 1950, when a person called Alan Turing made some certain advances, through the Turing test. The test was basically to find out whether a machine, could carry on a human like conversation, basically to test whether it had really begun thinking. But it began to come into the limelight in the year 1956, when the term Artificial Intelligence was coined in the Dartmouth Conference. It took almost close to 30 years after this incident, for the field to be revived. It was incidentally the time, when the movie Terminator was also released. In an effort to compete with the efforts of Japan, the British government began funding the development of AI again. Cut to the year 2001, when the very renowned director released the movie, known as A.I Artificial Intelligence, which was the story of a robot boy, who wants to be a human. This was followed by similar movies and T.V shows as well as Apple releasing Siri and subsequently, Google releasing its own version, known as the Google now.

Lets move ahead from the history of Artificial Intelligence to its connection with the field of Data Science. Machine learning is a field within Data Science, which basically involves the machines learning various things, on their own. Here there seems to be absolutely no need of any programming from the side of the humans. What these machines do, is that there is someone, who is supposed to feed in data into them, then these machines analyze this and all the data of the past, which also known as “training data” and thus form model patterns, which are then used in order to make future predictions. A lot of Data Scientists are expected to know all there is to know about Machine learning and it is this field, that applies Artificial Intelligence the most. As the field of Data Science increases in terms of popularity, there are many aspirants and candidates, who opt for specialization programs, in various data analytics tools such as Hadoop, R, SAS from institutes like Imarticus Learning.

Source: https://medium.com/@imarticus/what-is-artificial-intelligence-all-about-a5bd8e2243f4#.35kr9etsv


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